Chattanooga Engagement: Katie + Reid / by Allison Kendrick


Even though the calendar said springtime, the sunrise air reminded us that we weren’t too far removed from winter. The breeze was chill and crisp on the morning of Reid + Katie’s engagement shoot. The light glowed softly in the trees and wind stirred the mist in the valley below us. 

Sunset Rock, a beautiful cliff face on the west brow of Lookout Mountain, served as our natural woodland setting. This popular rock climbing destination is a home to locals and adventurers alike. After a cool wooded walk, we all reached the clearing. Surrounded by large rock formations, we were suddenly standing on the precipice of one of the most breathtaking views in the Chattanooga area.

It was breathtaking, alright. I have a fearful respect of unfenced cliffs that jut in to a cavernous abyss— and by fearful respect, I mean that I am terrified. Obviously unaffected, the crew casually strolled toward the edge of the precipice. My toes gripped the bottom of my shoes, and my heart sank to my feet. Taking deep breaths, I held my reflector and trusted Allison’s vision. The shots were absolutely gorgeous. The wind whisked Katie’s hair and flowing dress in elegantly aesthetic ways— all of which Allison captured in these remarkable photos. When that same wind caught my reflector and had me envisioning flying off the mountain, it invoked a laughter that helped to tell a better story about our wonderful subjects.


Katie + Reid met at the University of Alabama by striking up a conversation at a Greek event. The two came to discover that they’d grown up in the same hometown of Peachtree City, GA and had lived only a few streets from one another. This unusual connection became a friendship. This friendship became a loving and committed relationship. Nearing the end of Katie’s time at UA, Reid took Katie on a long walk by the river. Conversation about their future led Reid to ask one of the most important questions a person can ask another. She said yes, of course. The newly engaged couple then spent the evening celebrating with family.


And so, there we were, on a beautiful mountain in TN. I count it special anytime I’m able to celebrate a couple and their new journey in marriage, too. 

Katie + Reid are getting married at Ashton Gardens in Sugar Hill, GA this summer. Check out their wedding website for details about their special day, engagement, and the surprise party in Tuscaloosa! 

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at me holding the reflector and praying I don't suddenly take up hang gliding.