Birmingham Engagement: Kenton + Anamaria / by Allison Kendrick


When I saw Kenton and Anamaria’s smiling faces top the hill, I knew it was going to be a great shoot. Their warm personalities and vibrant wardrobe alone seemed to usher in the Spring. We met the newly engaged couple at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center on a brisk Sunday afternoon. The sun was beginning to set behind the trees, casting a lovely glow on the fading winter day, and the park was alive with people enjoying it.

Kenton and Anamaria led the way down a trail, stopping periodically to pose and tell us about how they came to be an “us.” With each stop, they grew more comfortable with the process— both posing for the shoot and sharing their love story.

The couple’s families had practically grown up together— Anamaria’s cousin and Kenton were best friends. It was only a matter of time before the two met, and over the next decade, Kenton and Anamaria built both a strong friendship and a mutual affection for one another. One of their shared passions is volunteering for Anytown Alabama, a social justice summer camp for teenagers. Every summer Kenton and Anamaria spend a week mentoring young people from all over Birmingham and helping them develop leadership skills to take back to their schools and communities. Their commitment to positively influencing younger generations is truly inspiring. They've collectively impacted hundreds of young people in Alabama, and the state is a better place because of their work. Reminiscing about the beginnings of their relationship, the couple shared laughter and flawless compatibility with the camera. It’s easy to take photos of such a great team.

After Ruffner, we accompanied the couple to their new home. There, we photographed them in their own space, shared a cup of tea together, and heard about Kenton and Anamaria’s shared affinity for all things English. Drinking tea and eating biscuits with them seemed so appropriate! We sat in the kitchen perusing their favorite cookbooks and hearing sweet stories. Kenton even told us about a Valentine’s day surprise in which he turned the kitchen into the set of Anamaria’s favorite television cooking show— complete with lights, camera, and lots of food. 


The afternoon with this couple was one well spent and one we won’t soon forget. Spending time together is a great way not only to build our friendship, but it is a way to celebrate this couple and their wonderful future together. 

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